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Varietal: Heirloom

Region: Boquete, Panama

Altitude: 1700m

About the Cup

Vibrant, harmonious, with a floral focus. Notes of ginger flower, ripe plum, hints of cocoa, zest of tangerine, and the freshness of newly cut oak are present in both scent and taste. Its sweetness is juicy and balanced by lively acidity, while the texture is velvety and rich. The finish is cocoa-infused, with subtle hints of tangerine zest lingering underneath.

About Hacienda La Esmermalda

The now legendary Hacienda La Esmeralda have already proven they know how to take Ethiopian coffees and plant them in any one of their three farms in Panama and take them to another level. The Gesha plant which has become the summit of excellence in coffee plant varietals was indigenous to Ethiopia, but found its most fertile growing soils and conditions on the slopes of Boquete and the farms owned and operated by The Peterson Family in Hacienda La Esmeralda.

About the Varietal 

With the success of their gesha plants, they decided to try planting other types of Ethiopian coffee plants on the same slopes. They started this project in 2007 by planting 400 different kinds of Ethiopian coffee plants at the El Velo farm. Every year since then, they've processed and checked each type of plant separately to see how they perform. They do this to find new kinds of coffee plants that are really good. After they finish checking, they mix together the best performing plants to make what they call the Landrace blend. These Ethiopian coffees grown in Panama taste just like you'd expect, with floral and sweet flavors that are delicate and amazing.