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Varietal: TABI

Region: Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 1680-1800m

Harvest: Jan 2023

The Cappuccino Kid says...

"The rope is up and the red carpet is down. This one is for the VIPs. I'm getting mint in this one, and crazy citronella complexity"

About the processing method

Processing of this lot starts with sterilization of selectively harvested ripe Coffee cherries with ozonated water and ultraviolet light. The coffee then enters bioreactors with cherry still intact and starts the first phase of fermentation that lasts 96 hours. The coffee is then pulped and a second fermentation begins again in the bioreactor only this time in an anaerobic setting with specific yeast strains added to further enhance the fruity and citric characteristics of the coffee. The coffee is then fermented for 48 hours, washed, before being taken to ecological drying equipment where the drying curve was configured. Drying begins at 38 degrees Celsius and lasts for 46 hours.

About Granja Paraiso 92 and Wilton Benitez

Granja El Paraíso-92 is a family farm located in Piendamo in the Cauca region of Colombia. An incredible modern farm that produces a plethora of different specialty coffee varieties such as Java, Pink Bourbon, Geisha and Pacamara. Employing highly innovative cultivation systems such as terraces and drip irrigation in order to prevent erosion and guarantee correct soil nutrition, the unique coffees that they produce can be verified through the multiple awards obtained. In charge of it all is chief mad coffee scientist/producer Wilton Benitez who’s Finca Paraiso-92 also has its own microbiology laboratory, a quality laboratory and processing plant. Granja El Paraiso is quite simply producing world class coffee.

About TABI

Initially the hybrid Tabi Varietal was created as a response to coffee leaf rust (CLR. CLR first reared its ugly head in the 1860s decimating the Sri Lanka coffee industry, and is one of the major reasons Sri Lanka now grows tea rather than coffee. Both India and Sri Lanka were once major coffee producing nations. CLR continued its rampant destruction of coffee farms across the world, reaching Asia & Africa in the 1920's, Brazil by 1970 and the rest of South and Central America by 1981. Initially only affecting lower elevation coffee trees (those below 1600m), climate change has steadily advanced this to a much higher line, with CLR now affecting trees as high as 2000m. In the 1920s on the island of Timor in Indonesia a fortuitous occurrence of nature happened with the natural cross pollination of a robusta and arabica coffee plant that resulted in a freaky hybrid plant that was immune to CLR. Nature had created its own vaccine plant. Looking to increase the quality of this natural vaccine plant the Colombian coffee research Institute (CENICAFE) refined and crossed the Timor hybrid with Typica and Bourbon Varietals and the result is the Tabi the varietal. Human and nature combining to create a CLR resistant &  fantastic tasting coffee. Tabi simply means Good in Colombia.