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Colombia Co-Ferment Series Star Berry

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Varietal: Pink Bourbon/Washed Heirloom Ethiopian

Region: Armenia, Quindio

Altitude: 1800-2000m

About the Cup
Sweetly tart, delicately bright. Strawberry, mango, cocoa nib, agave syrup in aroma and cup. Brightly tart with brisk acidity; creamy, viscous mouthfeel. The long, resonant finish is flavor-saturated, balanced and complex. While the co-fermentation with strawberries is not obvious in the cup, there’s an overt berry throughline invocation of summer desserts.

About Co-Fermentation Process
The coffee cherries are carefully selected when perfectly ripe. Then, they undergo a special fermentation process without air, with both the pulp still on and wine yeast, along with the addition of chopped strawberries. Once this dry fermentation is complete, the coffee cherries are pulped and spread out on raised beds with more strawberries, allowing them to dry until they reach the desired moisture level. We blend the coffee with 50% of a washed Ethiopian to balance out the cup.

About Jairo Arcila & Cofinet
The Arcila family has been in coffee for 80 years. They expanded in 2015 and now
produce, source, process, and export specialty Colombian coffee worldwide. They specialize in unique fermentation methods not common in Colombia, creating distinct coffee flavors. Cofinet promotes direct relationships between farmers and global coffee roasters. Their Finca Santa Monica is in Armenia, Quindio, at 1450-2000m altitude, with volcanic soil, temperatures of 18-28°C, and annual rainfall of over 500mm. They grow Castillo, and other native Colombian varieties, and rare coffees like Pink Bourbon and Papayo.