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Colombia Double Washed Gesha

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Varietal: Gesha

Region: Planadas, Tolima

Altitude: 2100m

Harvest: Nov 2022


The Cappuccino Kid says...

"Panama is the brand Gesha name, this Colombian makes me don the Hat. It's a coffee fit for a King."


About Double Washed processing method 

Hand picked at peak ripeness, floated and sorted before being washed twice. Double washing is a specialty processing method that improves the quality of coffee. During this process, the coffee beans ferment for an extra, longer cycle, underwater - a second wash ensures the highest quality possible. Double washing can reduce high acidity levels in coffee and add more complex textures enhancing the overall flavor profile of the beans.

About Duberney Cifuentes
The story of this coffee starts from the dream of a young man that decided to change the way his family was participating in the coffee business. Continuing his family’s coffee cultivation from the age of 17, Duberney has established himself as one of Colombia’s best and most consistent producers, known for his meticulous harvesting and coffee-processing protocols. When Duberney first tried planting the Geisha variety in 2015, almost no information and guidance was available yet he was determined to make it work and achieve his goal of having the best coffee in Colombia. In 2018 those dreams started to reep rewards, taking 2nd place in Cup of Excellence and being a finalist in the Colombia Land of diversity contest by the FNC. This particular 2022 crop was divided into three parts, the first of which was submitted to the Cup of Excellence competition (where it finished 7th), the second submitted to the Colombia: Land of Diversity competition (where it finished 2nd), and the third was picked up by Yellow Rooster importers from whom we were luckily enough to get 50lbs.

About Gesha varietal
Gesha coffee, sometimes referred to as Geisha coffee is a variety of coffee tree that originated in the Gori Gesha forest, Ethiopia. It is widely known and prized for its unique flavor profile of intense florals and citrus and is recognized in the industry as the superstar varietal. It breaks price records what seems like every year now, the last record price exceeding $2500 per lb, paid for a Panama Gesha from the famed Elida Estate.