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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Misty Valley

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TASTING NOTES: Exotic | Lemon curd, White Grape, Jasmine

ORIGIN: Aricha washing station/ Misty Valley
VARIETAL: Landrace field blend
ELEVATION: 1900-2200m

Suggested Listening: "I wasn't born to follow" The Byrds 

The name Yirgacheffe is as good as a brand in itself. And the "brands" popularity stems from a washing station in the town of Aricha formally known as the Misty Valley washing station. 

Almost all the Yirgacheffe coffee that woo'd the nineties and noughties general public was grown around Aricha and almost certainly processed at the Misty Valley processing station.

When the Ethiopian commodity exchange was established in 2008, exporters were forbidden from operating mills and farms, and so Abdullah Bagersh sold Misty Valley and the site became Aricha simply named after the town or Woreda as they are called in Ethiopia.

This offering sourced for us by our partners at Olam Coffee is about as Yirgacheffe in profile as you can get. Super floral, it's all Jasmine, honeysuckle, rose and citrus blossom. We detect fruit flavors too, a little lemon and a little white grape, but it's the florals and its balance that make this coffee sing and dance like Kaldis Goat.

This coffee is so delicate it is strictly a b-side player only, if you like milk in your coffee stay away from this one. If however you like light bodied transcendent floral coffee experience then grab your chemex, keep the water temp high as this is a high elevation and DENSE coffee, and be sure to flush that paper filter through. 

Super clean, super sweet and floral. Maybe time to grab those bell bottoms out

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