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Cafe la Granja Washed Hybrid Gesha

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TASTING NOTES: Exotic | Delicate & Floral, Mandarine & Orange Blossom/Jasmine

ORIGIN: Cafe La Granja, Finca La Esperanza Colombia
PROCESS: Hybrid Washed
ELEVATION: 1700-2000m

Suggested Listening"Rocksteady" Alton Ellis & The Flames

A lovely balanced hybrid washed gesha from our good friends at Cafe La Granja Esperanza in Colombia. 

The fragrance and aroma is all Jasmine. Inside the cup we find an array of lovely florals combined with a citronella complexity.The acidity is malic, reminiscent of a pear or red apple and the body is creamy for a Gesha. 

All in all a delightful representation of a treasured coffee varietal. 

La Granja Esperanza is a powerhouse specialty coffee grower with five farms across Colombia. This particular coffee from the February 2022 harvest is from their farm located in the fertile growing region that is Valle del Cauca in the municipality of Trujiilo.

Manual and rigorous picking is one of the keys to showcasing the quality of a single variety like this. However it is in the experimental nature of the processing that farmers can really shine a light on the intricate flavor complexities that a coffee may have hidden within its cell structure.  

The de pulping process on this Hybrid washed style, is done without water. Coffee is stirred and sensorial tasted to determine the ideal fermentation based on the cup profile wanted. Fermentation time for this coffee ranges between 19 and 22 hours in whole cherries, then the cherries skin is taken out to start the second fermentation step in parchment and mucilage and last for 35 hours.

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