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Colombia Cumbarco Lot 397

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TASTING NOTES: Silky & Balanced  | Panela, Almonds, Hazelnuts 

ORIGIN: Cumbarco, Colombia
PROCESS: Washed 
VARIETAL: Field Blend of Caturra, Castillo & Colombia
ELEVATION: 1550-1800m

Suggested Listening: "Didn't I" Darondo

Coffee Review Evaluation

"Building community is to the collective, as spiritual practice is to the individual"

We purchased lot 397 From Cafe La Granja, a world class Colombian coffee producer whose coffees are used in Barista competitions around the world. This lot however was not grown on one of their five farms. It is the result of a new effort to bring other farmers and growers into their sphere. And in doing so elevate the quality of all coffee in their surrounding communities. In some circumstances this program is similar in nature to fellow world class Colombian producers @lapalamtucan neighbor and crops program.

In some circumstances La Granja will pay surrounding farms above Colombian coffee federation rates for fresh red cherries and then process them at their farms and distribute them into their supply chains. The idea being that by paying local farmers above market rates to bring only the freshest of red cherries they are financially rewarding farmers for attentive cherry picking and in doing so installing in those farmers a desire to raise their own quality level.

In the case of this lot La Granja bought the coffee in parchment form from the community farms surrounding their own Potosi and Las Margaritas farms in Caicedonia. Since these farms are located close to La Granja's quality control lab they have the chance to bring in the local farmers and have them cup their own coffees with their own botanists and certified Q graders. 

This is a life changing event for some of these community farmers as they start to understand what their coffees are scoring and more importantly how to improve them and fetch better prices away from the C market and instead direct with roasters like ourselves.

We cupped with our La Granja friends at the SCA a number of coffees from Gehsa and Mokka to Yellow and Red Bourbons. As you would suspect there were some majestic coffees on the table that day, there was also lot #397.
It had soul
And it tasted mighty fine too.

So from their community to our community we present a beautifully balanced washed expression of those varietals more typical and well known to Colombian coffee. We taste sweet Panela (Colombian unfined sugar) with a little nuttiness in the form of Hazel and Almonds. 

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