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Colombia Pink Bourbon Ice Fermentation

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TASTING NOTES: Intense & Wild  | Raw Cacao, White Grape, Liquorice 

ORIGIN: Armenia, Colombia
PROCESS: Natural Ice Fermentation
VARIETAL: Pink Bourbon

Suggested Listening: "For lovers" Pete Doherty

Wowsers! This one is intense. 

Our first time working with Jario Arcila and his bunch of merry coffee renegades that make up the Colombian supergroup producers and processors called coffinet. They have three farms of their own, and  a huge processing facility where they process the cherries of selected farmers that they work with in the surrounding Armenia region

Combining a rare and sought after coffee varietal in Pink Bourbon with a brand new daring and experimental technique of cherry processing known as ice fermentation this one is "literally" turning it up to 11.

Raw Cacao, Liquorice, Tamarind, Citrus, Grapes and grilled Pineapple are all at this wild and intense flavor party. And all of them are amplified due to the ice fermentation process.

What is this process and how does it work?

From the horse's mouth themselves......

"Since 2016 we started fermenting below 22 degrees Celsius, although we kept pushing toward lowering the temperature during the fermentation, as we noticed this change in temperature impacted directly the complexity, cleanness, and fruitiness of the cup.

For this reason, in February 2017 we decided to experiment by lowering the temperature to -2 degrees Celsius and freezing the mass during the fermentation for 24 hours.
After the first two trials with Pink Bourbon and Java varietals we were hooked by this process, we noticed an intense cacao note, more body and complexity was added to the cup profile of both of these exotic varietals.


After 6 months of experimentation we realized the embryo of the coffee was severely affected when we brought down the temperature from 20 to -2 degrees celsius. We were fascinated by the incidence in the cup profile, although this process was affecting the embryo directly and leading to a shorter shelf life of the coffee.
After 1 year of trial and error experimentation we came up with an adapted ICE fermentation protocol that significantly reduces the damage caused to the embryo during the ICE fermentation while conserving all the positive impact of the initial ICE fermentation process in the cup profile and increasing significantly the presence of floral notes.
Our adapted ICE fermentation process increases significantly floral notes while adding creaminess to the body and gentle liquorish and cacao notes.'


In 2020 our ICE fermentation process protocol was shared with 10 selected growers from Quindio and Huila"

The ice fermentation process is the first of a number of wildly experimental and exotic coffees we will showcase from this producer in 2022.

For us these daring innovations in coffee cherry processing  are incredibly exciting and when combined with pure coffee genetics and rare varieties is the future of modern coffee.

This is a micro lot so get some while you can.

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