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Ethiopia Haru Washing Station

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TASTING NOTES: Delicate | Tea like - Hibiscus, Lemon & Honey 

ORIGIN: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
PROCESS: Washed 
VARIETAL: Landrace Heirloom 
ELEVATION: 1800-1900m

Suggested Listening: "Vote For Me" The Specials.

Haru is a small family owned farm and washing station in Yirgacheffe.

It showcases the very unique potential of farming at scale in Ethiopia, and producers who own the means to process cherries from 453 local farmers.

They live in Yirgacheffe town and the importers Nordic Approach we sourced this coffee from, have been working with them for close to 3 years.

Three generations of producers have a hand in producing this coffee, with layered florals or orange blossoms, tea like character and great clarity.

A lovely example of why we love washed Ethiopian coffees here at modcup. Good acidity with round juicy fruit tones, very sweet and great clarity with notes of black tea, lemon, honey, hibiscus, bergamot and lavender.

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