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Colombia Natural Anaerobic TABI

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Varietal: TABI

Region: Quindio, Colombia

Altitude: 1200-1700m

Harvest: Aug 2022

The Cappuccino Kid says...

"Double anaerobic got me dancing to an intense flavor experience; this Tabi got me purring like the cat that got the dream cream "

About Double Natural Anaerobic processing

Hand picked at peak ripeness, floated and sorted before being exposed to 48h of dry anaerobic fermentation after which the coffee is placed inside of grain pro bags for an additional 48h low reduced oxygen fermentation. Finally the coffee is placed on raised beds below 35C until ideal moisture is achieved after which it is hulled and all fruit is removed.

About Finca Buenos Aires and Jairo Arcila

This coffee was sourced through partners and friends at cofinet. Grown at Finca Buenos Aires in the famed coffee producing region of Quindio in Colombia. A large farm it is home to the planting and production of many different coffee varietals that thrive in its expansive elevation range of 500 metres that stretches from 1200m to 1700m. The Arcilla family have been in the coffee business for 80 years now and have numerous farms as well as an export company and are known all over the coffee world for their championing of the specialty industry.

About TABI

Initially the hybrid Tabi Varietal was created as a response to coffee leaf rust (CLR. CLR first reared its ugly head in the 1860s decimating the Sri Lanka coffee industry, and is one of the major reasons Sri Lanka now grows tea rather than coffee. Both India and Sri Lanka were once major coffee producing nations. CLR continued its rampant destruction of coffee farms across the world, reaching Asia & Africa in the 1920's, Brazil by 1970 and the rest of South and Central America by 1981. Initially only affecting lower elevation coffee trees (those below 1600m), climate change has steadily advanced this to a much higher line, with CLR now affecting trees as high as 2000m. In the 1920s on the island of Timor in Indonesia a fortuitous occurrence of nature happened with the natural cross pollination of a robusta and arabica coffee plant that resulted in a freaky hybrid plant that was immune to CLR. Nature had created its own vaccine plant. Looking to increase the quality of this natural vaccine plant the Colombian coffee research Institute (CENICAFE) refined and crossed the Timor hybrid with Typica and Bourbon Varietals and the result is the Tabi the varietal. Human and nature combining to create a CLR resistant &  fantastic tasting coffee. Tabi simply means Good in Colombia.