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Cafe la Granja Washed Hybrid Gesha

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Varietal: Gesha
Region: Valle de Cauca
Altitude: 1700m
Harvest: Feb 2020
Hand picked at peak ripeness and floated to remove defects. The whole cherries are then fermented in water for between 19 and 22 hours. 
After which cherries are depulped and second round of fermentation begins, this time in parchment and mucilage and lasting for 35 hours. Once coffee has been fully fermented/washed, it is mechanically dried. The temperature is closely monitored and ranges between 35°C (95°F) and 45°C (113°F). The final humidity percentage is around 10.5%.

About La Granja, the Herrera Bros & Finca La Esperanza
With an international reputation in the coffee industry for true specialty quality, and innovation both in varieties grown and processing of cherries post harvest, Cafe La Granja Esperanza own and operate 5 farms throughout Colombia. 
The Herrera Brothers, Rigoberto & Luis, are second generation coffee farmers, their parents purchased their first farm, Finca Potosi, in 1945. This Gesha was grown at la Esperanza in Valle del Cauca between 1500 and 1750 m.

About the varietal gesha

Gesha coffee, sometimes referred to as Geisha coffee, is a variety of coffee tree that originated in the Gori Gesha forest, Ethiopiathough it is now grown in several other nations in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. It is widely known for its unique flavor profile of floral and sweet notes, its high selling price, and its exclusivity as its demand has increased over the years. Rigoberto has been working on cultivating Gesha since living and managing a farm in Panama in the mid 2000's

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