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Cafe la Granja Natural Mokka

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TASTING NOTES: Exotic | Chocolate, Raspberry & Vanilla
ORIGIN: Cafe La Granja, Cundinamarca Colombia
PROCESS: Natural
ELEVATION: 1450-1530m

The Value of Mokka


Don't let these tiny lentil size beans fool you, they pack a huge flavor punch. 

An intensely fragrant coffee, the moment you open the bag you can literally sense this coffee is different.

The taste profile is dominated by chocolate covered red fruits. The acidity citrus like, the body and mouthfeel thick & syrupy, and the aftertaste long and complex. 

Mokka is commercially cultivated in very few places in the world. We first tried it on our origin trip to world class Colombian growers Cafe La Granja  in 2019 and were very impressed with its dense thick syrupy sweet chocolate profile.  Since that trip when discussing it with other roasters the varietal always an air of mystique around its origins. Many claiming it was first brought over to Hawaii from Yemen or Ethiopia. 

While it’s a wonderfully romantic notion that it is some unknown cultivar from who knows where, the reality is that there is nothing mysterious about it at all.

According to a published article from coffee review in 2010

"The Mokka tree produces very small seeds that look more like split peas/lentils than coffee beans. Very very tiny. The tree itself is very bushy compared to other cultivars with tiny cherries and narrow leaves. Mokka is a mutant of Bourbon that was documented long ago. It was well known by the time Uker’s book ‘All About Coffee’ published in 1935 and written about by coffee researcher PJS Cramer earlier than that. It is a dwarf mutant, very bushy, looking more like a hedge than a coffee tree growing to only 4-6 feet tall, whereas Bourbon which it mutated from grows 20+ feet if left unpruned. Its appearance is very very close to that of the Laurina varietal discovered on the island of La Reunion in the 19th century. The distinguishing difference between the two is that Mokka has round beans. Laurina produces seeds that are sharply pointed on one end and often is referred to as ‘Bourbon pointu’ because of its shape"

The Bourbon mutant Mokka exists in the collections of many research stations around the world. But it is low yielding and extremely difficult to harvest by hand so its rare to see it commercially cultivated outside of renegade experimental farms. Cafe La Granja in Colombia prides itself on being such a farm.

This Mokka varietal is grown at their farm named "Hawaii" in the Cundinamarca region of Colombia.

Rigorous picking, with cherries hand picked at the perfect purple-grape color. The Brix grades for the cherries must be in range of 17 and 18 to obtain the amount of juices for a fermentation in whole cherries that last for 48 hours in special open air  barrels. The temperature of the barrels is measured every 10 hours to make sure it is always in a range of 25° – 28°C.

After fermentation the coffee is left for about 48 hours in silos with a temperature of approx of 35°C, after which it is then passed to solar dry for about 15 days.


This offering is from the Feb 2022 Harvest.


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