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TASTING NOTES: Exotic | Cherry & Orange Blossom
ORIGIN: Boquete Panama
PROCESS: Natural Process
ELEVATION: 1650-1900m

Hacienda Esmerelda and the Peterson family are synonymous with the word Gesha. It is them and their Panamanian farms that began the coffee world's obsession with the mercurial geisha coffee plant. Situated amongst volcanic mountain ridges surrounding the Boquete River Valley, their three farms offer a range of lush micro-climates, fed by two ocean breezes that are unique for the growing of exceptional specialty coffee.

The newest of those three farms El Velo sits on 50 hectares and is very much the family's experimental farm. Along with Gesha they have planted other exotic varieties like Laurina, Pacamara, Mocca and SL-28, as well as some 400+ other accessions from Ethiopia as part of a long-term exploration of high quality cup, disease resistance and commercial viability.

modcup has purchased two coffees from El Velo in 2020. The SL28 natural and the naturally low caffeine Laurina.

The SL28 coffee variety was identified by a company called Scott Labs, which was hired by the Kenyan government in the 1930s to survey and catalog types of coffee which were best suited to commercial development there on account of their drought resistance, productivity, and cup quality. Scott Labs collected data, assigned varieties specific numbers, and reported back that two strains, now called SL-28 and SL-34, were the nation's best bet, economically and agriculturally speaking.

While SL-34 is more commonly grown at a lower altitude than its compatriot, it's SL-28 that's most prized by coffee people. Complex and with a dazzling acidity, this variety today is one of the more cherished in the coffee drinking world. A juicy body and super sweet, almost tropical flavors are the characteristics that drive SL-28 drinkers wild.

This SL28 coffee has been naturally processed bringing to the fore an even juicier body and intensely fruity experience. The sweetness is also heightened by the choice of processing but not at the expense of balance, and there is still a citric floral aroma with a wonderful orange blossom fragrance in the bloom.

A choice variety in the SL28, brought to you by a world famous coffee estates experimental farm - in a word a coffee geeks paradise.

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