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Panama Elida Estate Gesha

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TASTING NOTES: Exotic | Jasmine, Honeysuckle & Mango
ORIGIN: Elida Estate, Boquete
ELEVATION: 1700-1950m

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This is Gesha coffee.... Gesha is to coffee plant varietals what the Beatles are to music. There was coffee before Geisha was introduced to the world in 2004 and coffee afterwards. And Panama (rightly or wrongly) is where all the world's attention is focussed when it comes to this mercurial plant.

This is Panama... Panama as a growing country is as unique as the geisha plant itself. To the north Costa Rica, to the south Colombia. Its comparable advantage over these other power house growing regions is in its thin, narrow landmass that allows it to get both the Carribean AND Pacific trade winds. This geographical positioning of Panama combined with rich volcanic soils and the cold currents that come down from the north and the hot ones that come from the south offer coffee producers in Chiriqui a unique competitive advantage.

And this is Elida Estate The Elida Estate is owned and operated by the La mastus family. It is the highest coffee farm in all of Panama and the family first planted Geisha coffee in 2006. The La Mastus Family along with the Peterson Family of Hacienda Esmeralda fame are now the two recognized family titans of Panamanian coffee.

The Rise of Geisha coffee When The Petersons first entered a Geisha coffee into the Best of Panama Cup in 2004 it sold for $21 a pound, the coffee world sat up, at the time to break $5 was unheard of.

This was just beginning however....

$50 per pound threshold was reached in 2006
$130 in 2007
$170 in 2010
In 2013 Hacienda Esmeralda introduced their first natural Geisha to the best of Panama cup and it sold for $350 per pound.

And like Picasso and Braque who said that their intense friendship and rivalry spurred their creativity. The Hacienda Esmeralda and Elida estate have also been like two mountaineers, each one climbing a little further up the mountain and in turn throwing down a rope and pulling the other one up.

In the last two years it is the La Mastus Family and its Elida estate that have broken the record again and again, in 2018 $850 per pound and then in 2019 an incredible $1029 per pound was reached.

Gesha coffees are known for florality and complexity and the washed fermentation process that this Gesha coffee has gone through magnifies everything coveted about the varietal. We taste and smell Jasmine and Honeysuckle, the sweetness is reminiscent of the most perfect mango you ever had!

At 20g a cup there are 8 cups in this tube

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