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Yemen Landrace|Heirloom Natural

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Origin: Bani Matari Yemen
Process: Natural Rooftop Dried
Varietal: Landrace/Heirloom
Elevation: 2000-2400m

Suggested Listening: "Yemen Music" The Unknown Musician

While this coffee is rustic for sure, it's in a much cleaner camp relative to Yemeni coffee. Matari has a rustic appeal 

This rustic appeal is the nature of the beast when dealing with coffees that come from the legendary even mythic country of origin that is Yemen.  Yemeni coffee takes a looooong road before final export, to consuming countries. On that long road there are many obstacles that can impact the cleanliness of the cup, descents from incredible heights that pass through areas of war and famine - there is no origin country quite like Yemen. But if they make that journey still intact then oh boy is it worth it.....its not a stretch to say that Yemense coffees are some of the most complex out there.

Syrupy sweetness, dried fruits, earth and spice notes, and a whole lot more. 

Upon grinding there is a lovely balance of cocoa and fruit aromas, earth-toned chocolates, and hints of stewed berry. The chocolate flavors are well defined, offset by molasses type sweetness, and aromatic hint of chai spice.

Important note here Yemeni coffees need rest after roasting, giving the coffee time to off gas, and allowing flavors to coalesce. 

A very small lot purchased from coffee shrub by way of  Fatoum Muslot for our connessueir subscription holders. Whatever we have left over we will release for sale to all once subscriptions are packed up and mailed out.

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