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Colombia Potosi Natural

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Varietal: Colombia
Region:  Valle del CaucaCaicedonia
Altitude: 2000m  
Harvest:  Feb 2022 


Hand picked at peak ripeness. Floated to remove further defects. Fermented for 36 hours in cherry with controlled temperature. Coffee's left for about 48 hours in the three dragon silos (temperature of approx. 35°C), before it is then passed to solar dry for around 15 days.

About Rigoberto Herrera & Finca Potosi
With an international reputation in the coffee industry for true specialty quality, and innovation both in varieties grown and processing of cherries post harvest, Cafe La Granja Esperanza own and operate 5 farms throughout Colombia.
The Herrera Brothers, Rigoberto & Luis, are second generation coffee farmers, their parents purchased Finca Potosi in 1945. Finca Potosi sits in Valle del Cauca, Caicedonia between an altitude of 1400-2000m

About the processing method
After a prolonged fermentation of 36 plus hours, the cherries are transferred to drying silos for a slow and controlled mechanical drying, making a full natural process possible in this humid and damp climate. The meticulous production process of this coffee results in a harmonious balance between primary terroir flavours, and secondary process-driven flavours. Bright crisp acidity from the high altitude of the Cauca Valley terroir, combined with soft ripe fruit and a heavy rich sweetness you'd expect from a great natural.

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