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Mexico Chiapas

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Tasting Notes: Malt Chocolate & Brown Sugar, Red Apple | Classic & Balanced
Origin: Mexico
Process: Washed Patio & Mechanical Dried
Varietal: Bourbon/Mundo Novo/Caturra/Typica 
Elevation: 1000m

Suggested Listening: "Here comes the weekend" Tim Burgess
This lot is sourced from the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico, on the border of Guatemala where the mountain ranges provide an ideal altitude and climate for specialty coffee production.  Coffees from the region are known for their brisk acidity and sweet flavor profile.The vast majority of farms in the area are small, family-owned plots under 10 acres in size. Coffee is dried in the sun on patios and in mechanical dryers known as guardiolas when needed.

The dry fragrance and aroma of this coffee are sweet, with the resulting brewed coffee equally so.  All brown sugar and malt chocolate this sweet symphony is held together by a wonderfully crisp green apple like acidity.

A fantastic classic style drip coffee this Chiapas is also a wonderful coffee to cold brew with. 

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