What's in a modcup subscription?

In a word, COFFEE, in two words GOOD COFFEE. in three words REALLY GOOD COFFEE and in four CONSISTENTLY REALLY GOOD COFFEE.

Our subscriptions are roasted and mailed out at the start of every month.

There are two subscription offerings. For the daily drinker, there is a CHUGGERS subscription ].

A kilo of your favorite modcup blend of which there are 9 different blends to choose from. From our super fruity light roast balearic beans blend right the way through to the darkest day of the dead blend, the roast spectrum is covered for all taste buds. There are decaf blends, half-caf blends, espresso blends, and classic American drip blends.

As well as a kilo of your favorite modcup blend monthly bulk subscribers will ALSO receive one 250g box of a single-origin coffee selection from us every month.

For the coffee connoisseur, there is our [ Journeys subscription ].

This subscription is for those looking for quality over quantity.

In this subscription, we mail out two different 250g boxes of single-origin coffee every month as well as a 150g box of rare/experimental coffee.

In some cases the rare coffee box alone will be worth the price of admission. Geshas, Sidras, Pink Bourbons. Yeast inoculation, fruit fermentation, anaerobics, thermal shocks - super experimental mind-bending coffees this subscription truly is for fans of modern coffee.

All domestic subscription orders ship for free.

Need to make a change to your subscription?

You can make any changes to your subscription in the “ACCOUNT” section at the top of the page. Changes to subscriptions must be applied prior to the billing date (the 28th of each month). Orders that are confirmed are not eligible for exchange, cancellation, or refund.

Questions regarding your subscription?

We’re here to help! Reach out using our contact form and be sure to include your name, email, and order number, or just drop us an email at if you need any information prior to ordering.