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Varietal: JAVA

Region: Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 1950m

The Cappuccino Kid says...

"Another powerhouse varietal from the chief mad coffee scientist. The thermal shock process on top of a double anaerobic fermentation makes for an incredibly memorable coffee; creamy and velvety with an unforgettable mix of flavor notes running the gambit of fruity, floral and even herbal. There's a lot to unpack here."

About the Double Anaerobic Thermal Shock processing method

Hand picked at peak ripeness and then sterilized with ozonated water and ultraviolet light the coffee is then depulped (skin and mucilage removed). After which the first stage of fermentation begins, 22 hours inside an anaerobic bioreactor with saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus yeast added to promote fruity aromas & enhance the spicy character and citrus flavor profile of the varietal. The second stage of fermentation is conducted again inside an anaerobic bioreactor, this time for an extended 52 hours until PH level is 5.5 and Brix 18. After the double fermentation is concluded the beans are thermal shocked, first with 75F hot water and then 3F cold. This initial high temperature swells the beans and allows the unique flavors and aromas from the anaerobic yeast fermentation to penetrate the seed with the cold water shock then constricting the beans to lock in those unique flavors. The coffee's drying stage of 48h is then meticulously controlled with mechanical drying equipment.

About Grandja Paraiso 92 and Wilton Benitez

Granja El Paraíso-92 is a family farm located in Piendamo in the Cauca region of Colombia. An incredible modern farm that produces a plethora of different specialty coffee varieties such as Java, Pink Bourbon, Geisha and Pacamara. Employing highly innovative cultivation systems such as terraces and drip irrigation in order to prevent erosion and guarantee correct soil nutrition, the unique coffees that they produce can be verified through the multiple awards obtained. In charge of it all is chief mad coffee scientist/producer Wilton Benitez who’s Finca Paraiso-92 also has its own microbiology laboratory, a quality laboratory and processing plant. Granja El Paraiso is quite simply producing world class coffee.

About JAVA

The Java varietal is a tall plant with large beans and potential for very good cup quality if grown at high elevation. It has a long history of cultivation. Introduced to the island of Java Indonesia directly from Ethiopia by the Dutch in the early 19th century. It was originally thought to be a Typica selection. However after genetic fingerprinting of molecular markers it has revealed that Java is a selection from an Ethiopian landrace (heirloom) population called Abysinia. It was originally released for cultivation in Cameroon in the 1980s before being introduced to Costa Rica in 1991. Java’s quality potential at high altitudes has been recognized with the first Central American country to officially recognize Java being Panama in 2016. It represents an interesting alternative to the Gesha varietal which also has very high cup quality.