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Colombia Potosi Natural

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TASTING NOTES: Decadent | Red Fruits, Chocolate & Plum Wine

ORIGIN: Cafe Granja, Colombia 
PROCESS: Natural 
VARIETAL: Colombia
ELEVATION: 1400-2000m

Suggested Listening"Empire Ants" Gorrilaz and Little Dragon

Coffee Review Evaluation

This is an incredibly decadent coffee experience. Full in body, dense and rich in mouthfeel and sweet like a plum chocolate wine. 

This is a natural that has a breadth of flavor complexity too. 

On the cupping table outside of the chocolate and plums which are apparent immediately, we taste sweet tropical fruits like Guava and a plethora of different red fruits that come and go as the temperature of the coffee changes.

We have been working and directly trading with world class Colombian producers Cafe La Granja since 2019. 

The Herrera Brothers are second generation coffee farmers. Their coffee farms, of which they have 5, and coffees are synonymous with the highest of true specialty  quality, and innovation both in varieties grown and processing of cherries post harvest. Their coffees are only found in the best cafes and roasteries in the world.  

The "Tres Dragones" is named after the three silos where the coffee spends 48 hours at a temperature of approx 35°C, before being passed on to the solar drier where it dried inside its fruit for 15 days. The three dragon silos is where this coffee gets its incredibly unique and instantly identifiable taste profile from, a profile that has seen this coffee take on near mythic proportions here at modcup.

This is a micro lot so get some while you can.......

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