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Ecuador Oak Barrel Fermentation

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TASTING NOTES: Exotic | Tropical Fruits, Chocolate & Citrus

ORIGIN: Hacienda La Papaya, Ecuador
PROCESS: Oak Barrel Fermentation

Suggested Listening: "Chasing Rainbows" Shed 7

Our first time working directly with cafexporto and Hacienda La Papaya and couldn't be more thrilled.

From its beginnings in 2010 Hacienda La Papaya has become THE pioneer of coffee cultivation in the Saraguro region. Located 15 miles south of Saraguri in the Sierrra, the project was conceptualized in 2009 with the planting taking place the following year in 2010. The vision was always high quality plants combined with innovative cherry processing and all managed by True Agronomists.  The ENTIRE farm uses a drip irrigation system for all 35,000 plants.

Juan Pena is the founder, director  and partner of Hacienda La Papaya and has won countless awards since first exporting to the US specialty market in 2015. Three times he has won @sprudge notable producer award, and it's easy to see why with this experimental process Typica coffee.

An experimentation process that began 4 years ago, freshly harvested cherries are placed into Rum Oak Barrels and fermented for 5 days. The Barrels are kept in dark rooms at temperatures below 18 C. During this 5 day controlled oak barrel fermentation the cherries with the help of microorganisms endure changes, absorbing all the aromas and flavors of the Rum oak Barrel after which they are removed and dried for 28 to 30 days.

The result of this experimental oak barrel fermentation process on the  ancient varietal of coffee, Typica, is incredible. Super aromatic and bursting with wild flavors like Passion Fruit and Mandarin, the flavor complexity as the coffee cools is staggering.

I 've been chasing rainbows.......

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