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Ethiopia Hada Molecha Washed

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Varietal                           Region                  Altitude          Harvest              
Heirloom Blend        Gedeo, Aricha            2100m      November 2021 

Hand picked at peak ripeness. Floated to remove further  defects. De-pulped and wet fermented in parchment for 100 hours, with the water changed every 24h. Dried on raised beds in a parabolic shade net for 15 days. Grade 1.
About Hada Molecha & Aricha Gedeo

Cherries from smallholder farmers in the surrounding highlands of Aricha in Gedeo Yirgacheffe delivered to the Hada Molecha where they are meticulously washed & processed.
This lot (#3) is an exquisite representation of coffees from Yirgacheffe. A layered and complex cup: Juicy stone fruits, shimmering acidity, and Jasmine, Rose and Orange like florals.

About Ethiopian Heirlooms Varietals
Ethiopia is the birthplace of all coffee and accounts for 10% of the country’s GDP. Ethiopia contains more coffee biodiversity than any other producing region with over 60 different and unique varietals now confirmed. Unlike other producing countries however it is almost impossible to source single varietal coffee lots. In Ethiopia all lots, no matter which one of the 60 plus varieties they are, are mixed together and graded based on quality under the watchful control of the ECX. As a result almost all Ethiopian coffees are blends of the many Ethiopian varieties, and referred to as 'Ethiopian Landrace' or "heirloom varietals"

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