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Classico Blend
Classico is a developed traditional American style roast, a flavor profile intentionally crafted for those that like their coffee with milk, cream or plant based mylks.
With a longer/deeper roast development we are able to caramelize the sugar-dense coffees that make up the blend for a richer and more decadent flavor profile. Employing a washed Central or South American coffee along with a naturally processed Ethiopian look for dark chocolate and undertones of winey berries.
This coffee can be enjoyed with many different brew methods.

Developed roasts and high elevation arabica coffee
Coffee arrives at our roastery in the form of a dried green seed that once called its home the center of a tropical cherry. At this stage it is not soluble; green coffee has yet a way to go before becoming a roasted coffee “bean” that we’re able to, upon grinding, dissolve in water.
How we approach the roasting of this seed is dependent on a number of factors. When the ultimate goal is milk based coffee drinks we feel that a deeper darker more traditional roast profile is the best approach.
When using high elevation, high-density green coffee with this roasting approach in addition to boasting flavors characterized by caramelization and a full-bodied mouthfeel, there is also an intense, structured sweetness.

Brewing with darker more developed roasted coffees
Since medium and dark roast are more soluble, they are easier to brew. In addition you dont have to grind as fine or use very high water temperatures to get a proper extraction; the more developed a coffee bean in the roaster the wider the margin of error a brewer has to extract desirable flavors

Here are some tips to help you brew your best classico cup:

1. Use a coarser grind setting: grinding coaster means that you dont have to worry about the filter clogging or stalling or channeling.

2. Experiment with temperature, the sweet spot is typically around 190-195F. Using lower temperatures means that most drip coffee makers will be able to brew a decent cup.

3. Go for a brew ratio of 1:14 or 1:15

4. Be Careful with agitation - over agitation will result in bitter flavors aggressive

5. Use "fresh" coffee. Darker roasts make for a more porous cell structure in the bean which leads to a faster degassing process. More developed roasts should be brewed closer to the roast date.