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Producer: Wilton Benitez
Region: Piendamo, Cauca, Colombia
Altitude: 1950m 

About Wilton Benitez & Grandja El Parasio-92
Granja El Paraiso-92 is a coffee company with three farms located in Piendamo Cauca, Colombia at altitudes exceeding 1950 meters. They grow unique coffee varieties like Gesha, Orange Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, Caturra, Java, Mokka, Laurina, Pacamara, SL28, Bourbon, Orange Gesha, and other varietals.

Beyond their diverse coffee range, the company is also focused on innovating coffee production techniques, including controlled fermentation and drying systems. The farm’s owner, Wilton Benitez is a pioneer in advancing coffee processing techniques. Transitioning from a career as a chemical engineer to becoming a distinguished coffee cultivator, his combination of scientific expertise and extensive decades-long involvement in coffee cultivation and tasting has contributed to the creation of some of the most distinctive and sophisticated coffee flavors we've encountered.

About Thermal Shock
Thermal shock isn't a standalone coffee processing method, like Natural, Washed, or Honey process. Instead, thermal shock is an additional step in coffee processing. Thermal shock involves exposing coffee beans to alternating high and low temperatures. This process has two phases. In the first phase, hot water is used in two ways: either by exposing the beans to steam at high temperatures or by immersing them in boiling water. The second phase involves cooling the coffee by immersing it in cold water, which can be done with ice or room-temperature water. The result of this process is that it sterilizes and evens out the coffee, preparing it for the next step: introducing specific microorganisms during fermentation. This encourages fermentation and the growth of desirable microorganisms.
About This Set
We are proud to present the best four coffees we have encountered from Wilton this year together for the first time in one box set offering. Covering the four bases of the specialty coffee flavor spectrum we feel this is one of the most exquisite taste sets we have ever offered. The Sidra brings bouquets of flowers, The Pink Bourbon is bursting with juicy fruits, The Tabi has an intriguing Herbal dynamic and the Gesha brings home the citrus.