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Varietal: Castillo

Region: Piendamo, Cauca

Altitude: 1960m

Very ripe coffee cherries are picked because they help transfer flavors from the pulp to the seeds, giving the beans a fruity taste. Cherries are then cleaned, soaked in water with ozone to remove germs. Next, cherries are fermented underwater for 36 hours. After that, they remove the pulp and mucilage, using them to grow specific microorganisms that add desired aromas and flavors. They then ferment the coffee again with these microorganisms for 12 hours. To make sure the flavors stick to the beans, they use a method called Thermal Shock Washing, which opens up the beans' pores and seals in the flavors. This also prevents the flavors from being washed away. Finally, the coffee is dried using special technology that maintains its quality without high heat, allowing it to be stored for a long time without losing any flavor.

About Finca El Paraiso
Finca El Paraiso is a 49-hectare coffee farm in Colombia's Cauca department, founded in 2008 by Diego Bermudez and his family as a sort of paradise. It serves as the headquarters for their agricultural innovation company, INDESTEC S.A.S. Through ongoing research and experimental methods like "Thermal Shock," they aim to produce exceptional coffee varieties. Their goal is to elevate Cauca-grown coffees, attract global specialty coffee enthusiasts, and enhance Colombia's reputation as a premier origin for specialty coffee.

About Varietal
Castillo is the most common varietal of arabica coffee grown in Colombia.  Its modified dwarf size and resistance to leaf rust disease makes it a common choice for farmers looking for high density cultivation.