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Varietal: Caturra Chiroso
Region: Urrao Region, Medellin, Antioquia
Altitude: 1950m

The Cappuccino Kid says...

"Floral-toned, super-sweet. Wisteria, cocoa nib, rambutan, black sage, salted caramel in aroma and cup. Malic (apple-like) acidity; plush, viscous mouthfeel. Concentrated finish that carries through on the promise of the cup. Produced at Finca Granito de Oro, entirely of the Caturra Chiroso variety of Arabica, and processed by the traditional washed method (fruit skin and pulp removed before drying). Founded in 2013, modcup coffee focuses on fresh roasting and distinctive natural-processed coffees." 


About the Cup

The variety has a well-structured cup profile, a silky body that a lot of the Geshas don’t have. It has that floral component that Geshas have, but Chiroso is often more herbal, and just like Gesha Chiroso, it has incredible sweetness. Honeysuckle and Panella sweetness with swirling citric florals, this is a delightful example of what makes specialty coffee so special.

About Finca Granito de Oro

Finca Granito de Oro sits at 1950m in the Urrao region of Antioquia in Colombia. The Granito de Oro farm was established as part of the family legacy after the owner's passing. He instilled in them a strong work ethic and values, promising a reward for good behavior with a “grain of gold.” This was the inspiration to name the property and align it with their agricultural endeavors. Recognizing the potential of the "café chiroso" variety, They've dedicated themselves to this project for the past six years, motivated to provide top-quality specialty coffee to various markets and consumers.

About Varietal