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Colombia Cafe La Granja Gesha Hybrid Washed

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Varietal: GESHA

Region: Valle del Cauca, Caicedonia, Colombia

Altitude: 1570-1850m

About The Cup

This particular gesha coffee embodies the quintessential characteristics of a traditional gesha, but it elevates complexity to a remarkable degree. It presents a multifaceted profile, blending notes of vanilla and fragrant florals in a harmonious symphony. Upon sipping, one is greeted by a luscious, almost succulent quality reminiscent of perfectly ripe berries and stone fruits. Moreover, with each sip, the floral essence intensifies, unfolding layers of aroma and flavor as the coffee gradually cools. This cup exemplifies the intricate nuances and dynamic evolution typical of exceptional geisha varieties, offering a sensory journey that delights and surprises at every stage.

About Hybrid Washed Process

Hand picked at peak ripeness and floated to remove defects. The whole cherries are then fermented in water for between 19 and 22 hours. After which cherries are depulped and a second round of fermentation begins, this time in parchment and mucilage and lasting for 35 hours. Once coffee has been fully fermented/washed, it is mechanically dried. The temperature is closely monitored and ranges between 35°C (95°F) and 45°C (113°F). The final humidity percentage is around 10.5%.

About the Varietal

Gesha coffee, also known as Geisha, comes from the Gori Gesha forest in Ethiopia. It's famous for its special taste, featuring strong floral and citrus notes, making it a top choice in the coffee world. Prices for Gesha keep soaring yearly, with the latest record topping $2500 per pound for a Gesha from Panama.