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Ethiopia Gera Estate Natural

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Origin: Gera, Oromia Ethiopia
Process: Natural Anaerobic
Varietal: Landrace
Elevation: 1800-2200m

Suggested Listening"Walking the Walk" Gaz Coombes

This is an incredible wine-like/coffee experience. 

The anaerobic fermentation of this naturally processed coffee amplifies its fruity flavor profile to 11.

Full in body, dense and rich in mouthfeel. Sweet, yet slightly acidic & tangy like a strawberry natural wine. As it cools the sweetness magnifies as the drink starts to take on a candy-like quality, similar in essence to a liquid Jolly Rancher. 

If you enjoyed the anaerobic fermentation experiential Ethiopian heirloom coffee we showcased from the Shantawene washing station in 2021 you will be sure to enjoy this coffee too. They have very similar flavor profiles, and just like that coffee, the moment you open the bag the fruit smells are apparent.

Sourced for us by Royal Coffee NY, this coffee comes to you from the Gera estate in the Oromia region of southern Ethiopia. The estate is up there, its peak reaches as high as 2200 m above sea level. This altitude combined with the nitrogen rich plants and natural fertilizers used on the estate provide fertile conditions for their collection of heirloom Ethiopians Varietals (otherwise known as Landrace varieties) to flourish. No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used anywhere on the estate and production at Gera focuses on sustainability and good working conditions for its employees. The estate provides housing, childcare, clean drinking water, electricity as well as healthcare and recreational facilities for all its employees free of charge 

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