Rare Varietal Spotlight: Hacienda Esmeralda Washed Gesha

A hand-crafted tube of our geisha roast

This is Panama. This is Gesha.

The story of the world famous Gesha variety of coffee plant is one of hardship and brilliant triumph. In the 1990s, the Peterson family observed a patch of farmland afflicted with leaf rust, or “la roya”, a type of fungus that coats leaves and restricts the level of photosynthesis that can be achieved and results in a slow death of the plant. In an effort to recoup the damages done to the bourbon/typica variants initially lost to the fungus, the Petersons made a critical decision in the eleventh hour to replant Gesha trees native to Ethiopia in previously rust-stricken plots of land. This call to plant Ethiopian varietals in both higher elevation zones on the farm as well as the development of a wet mill resulted in a coffee that took the world by storm in the early 2000s. Aided by the rich, volcanic soil as well as the expertise of the Peterson family and their staff, the Gesha coffee varietal made a name for itself in the industry with an unmatched flavor complexity . 

Blossoming with intense, floral sweetness in both the nose and palate, the lushness of this cup is balanced elegantly with a distinct citrusy pop of acidity. The complex florals are enriched with notes of ripe mango and papaya. It being a washed coffee, you’ll get the dynamic and complex notes of this coffee in its purest form. 

We recommend brewing Gesha coffees with your preferred pour over method as blooming the grounds will unleash an exquisite bouquet of dewy citrus blossom petals, and the resulting brew follows suit with an unrivaled level of sweetness. 

An Ethiopian heirloom coffee transplanted to and grown in Central America is literally a fish out of water, but it would seem that despite the odds being stacked against it, it is here in Panama that it has found its optimal growing conditions. 

We’re extremely fortunate to have this extraordinarily rare selection here at modcup and we’re even more excited to be able to share this superstar coffee with you.

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